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janvier 15, 2012




Everyone have the right to divorce ,but none has the right to abuse of children physically and emotionally to destroy the other caring parent that he loves ,and do” a business charity “with a innocent child who needs his both parents and protection too!







Jewish, Christians, Muslims, all over the world, you were betrayed since many years by the false jewish-false Christians-and recently false Muslims alliance implanted in all our governments ,taking in hostage our lives according a new world order of well orchestrated imposture.

The very dangerous thing you can have in your lives, is to be betrayed by those in whom you put a trust ,a spell.

I was betrayed by a perverted wife ,my daughter was betrayed by a perverted mother. Both ,me and my daughter ,betrayed by a perverted and corrupted government under Ben Ali presidency.

On 7 December 2002 I was married with a  woman, that I realise now that she’s nothing but an empty shell, …lying is her best sport ,betray  is her official religion (she lives upon the corpse of her victims putting herself in the same time as a victim to profit from her next one).

Have you ever met such person on your way?

A wife who betrayed her husband, her daughter and took her as an hostage ,to use her in the way of a real “charity business” ,putting all kind of lies around me as if I was a devil in person, with the help of influent and perverted persons :

false witnesses ,corrupted lawyers, corrupted judges, a real criminals with no limit!

I never known in my quite life the way of the police office or any tribunal before marrying that woman who put a daughter and father in a real hurricane of damaging trials based on perfect lies and illegal procedures, no facts, no confrontation!

Three years of  fight against the corrupted machine who took illegally  my daughter in hostage and applied on her the child abuse so called parental alienation syndrome ,a psychological incest damaging the image of  a loving and loved  parent before the kidnapping of my child while I was working  in my dental office.

I known the jail for asking protection of my daughter and for asking to investigate about the facts of  evident customer justice ,that no one  gave any answer .thousand document of my claims are still in my possession but no one answer ,even the minister of justice!

The last way I had, is to make known that organised  crime on a Blog  that I called “” that means :save Linda (Linda is the name of my daughter).

More over crime, my blog was infiltrated and several posts were suppressed .

It was clear that the post suppressed can only serves those criminals in the way to give my blog an appearance of  “dirt family story” while I was supposed to notice all what was strictly in relation of the psychological abuse on my child even if it was difficult ,but there were no way to stay silent on an organised crime upon which no one opened any investigation or made opportunity to make those corrupted and criminal actors face their act in front of me, with all the documents proving all their criminal facts .

My daughter was kidnapped by her mother since 22 October 2008 and the corrupted judges putted me in jail (on 12 February 2010, for 9 months upon false trials, in the same corrupted tribunal that I asked to investigate about!)

In detail: Kidnapping my child (3 months) and attempt to a judge via internet (6 months) .

After my release, I tried to see my daughter, no door was opened, and it was legally noticed.

I am cut from my daughter until now .

The only souvenir from her ,were thousands photos and thousand of papers proving the organised crime ,that even after the Tunisian revolution ,our justice not only continued to be silent, but more, they continued in their effort to reduce me to silence!

They  based on the old trials another trials ,more, they pronounce other months of jail upon the same site “sauverlinda” they false the date of audience ,my lawyer surprisingly retracted as the same way of  all previous trials I get .

As a result ,I find my self:


1/ definitively cut from any way to see my daughter

(if I present my self to see her I’ll find my self in jail and only god knows what they’ll continue to intend to make me face as trials since I revealed all the criminals on that dirty affair of illegal kidnapping of my daughter!)

2/Since they tried to finalise their crime to built a divorce on that judgment, there were no way to be present in that trial, and they’ll pronounce a judgment in the same way where all my lawyer of defence retract in the last minute!

3/ in the impossibility to enter my office and work to live and feed my old mother (75 years old)

4/ in the impossibility to pay, in this way, any alimentary pension,.

Beside , they guaranteed  their purpose :

allow  pension for that criminal wife.

And In the same insolence, the same judge I made a claim against, sited in that trial and pronounce millions to pay!

In two words: a justice killing!


You see clear now how does it function that corrupted and criminal justice: the criminals are free and whitened, the victims persecuted!

Three killing years of fight against corruption in more than an incredible manner!

In conclusion ,

I opened my eyes on the big lie of our governments, it’s not only my daughter who is taken as an hostage ,all my country and your countries and your lives as well are taken as an hostage ,by this too early orchestrated  new world order .

Citizen of the world,

Let’s fight together that new world order, don’t accept any betray anymore, they are criminal, I doubt if they can be considered even human being!

So ,if Tunisian government of Ben Ali is still acting,

and our responsible stay dumb on this nasty  crime and put a father in jail ,destroy his life ,because he’s in right and asked as any citizen  to protect his daughter from a parental alienation syndrome, done with the complicity of corrupted justice ,

I tell you :

” Government ,you can put your dirty democracy of imposture and your law in the ass

hole of your judges and lawyers! “


The Tunisian revolution as well the revolution of all the people of the world against your criminal world order of thief’s will continue!

I’ll take not only my daughter back ,we’ll take our countries  back  and

you will experiment what means to be judged by tribunal where you say :

“truth is no defence! “

Now,New government ,

Tunisians putted a big spell on you ,if justice based on true facts is your aim ,give me the opportunity to face that criminal body called “Manel ben fadhel ,her mother marjeanne bregman ben fadhel,as well all the criminal judges who destroyed my life of respectful doctor, a respectful father devilled by pervert wife and justice ,in a open trial under the eyes of ten million of Tunisians on all TVs of the world if you like ,where every one can see that truth is the only defence who conduct to justice.

You will see who is evil in that dirty story of a fucking woman and a fucking justice as well in a dumb government of ben ali .

Remember that decadence is not to call things by their true name,

but decadence is to know the truth

and shut it up in front of money

and prostitution in all its kinds

(physical and political)!

In definitive,I ask to face them all for

“the crime of taking my child in hostage using corruption ,instead of protecting her ,according to the international protection convention for children against all kinds of abuse,and all conventions protecting civil and political rights for every citizen whatever he can be,that was transgressed as well for me “

Those are:

The first responsible who criminally used my daughter  to take benefits:

Manel ben fadhel :

(kidnapper,thief,prositute behavior,psychological incest,corrupter of witnesses)

Marjeanne Bregman ben fadhel

(Dutch citizen from Den helder- Netherland)

(Kidnapper,corrupter,proxenet behaviour,psychological incest)

The corrupted  actors of the perfect crime on me and my daughter!


False witnesses:

Sassi Hamrouni   (Imam of the mosque of district of soliman)

Naima ayed        (director of préscolar of municipality district of soliman)

Hela Mabrouk     (teacher in préscolar of municipality district of soliman)

Judges :


Amel el atrous       (family juge)

Souraya jazi           (family and penal ?????)

Daoud zentani      (family juge)

Slimane El hammami   (Penal juge )

Taher ben turkia            (Penal juge )

Hamadi chennoufi       (instructory juge)

And others…you’ll discover



Lassad el Abdelli

(retract from my affair 44.780 ,his associate become the lawyer defence of manel ben fadhel in the same affair 44.780 and more…)

Nafaa Laaribi

( crime associate and advisor of manel ben fadhel)

Tijani Ben Aziza

Disinformation  in affair 1216 and unjustified retract

Noureddine El ghoul

Defence without visiting me in jail,on what did he based his defence?

Fadoua el chedly

Defence without visiting me in jail,on what did she based his defence?

Faouzi  Ben Mrad

Retract without informing.

Mohammed Touiti


Procurers of tribunal of first instance of grombalia:


Past Minister of justice : For unhelpful for two citizen , a children and a father  in danger  of organised crime!

Bechir tekkari 

Lazhar chebbi

Delegation of child protection :

For unhelpful for children in danger ,tendencies reports


Fethi lengliz        (Delegator of child protection, district of Nabel)

Ayda ghorbel    ( General delegator of child protection)

Expert in children psychiatry :

Tendencies reports, For unhelpful for children in danger, complicity in child emotional abuse

Ahlem belhadj    (Past president of united democrate woman association)



Dar chabane re-education centre  For unhelpful for children in danger

Behija Slim     For unhelpful for children in danger

Imed Ghrairi  For unhelpful for children in danger

Internet operator:  (for hacking of the site” sauverlinda “and my yahoo mail)

Khaled Koubaa  (Internet Society –Tunisia) :Brother in law of manel ben fadhel

A.T.I  (Tunisian agency of internet)

( Ask for  the testimonials and courtesy  of Mr.Veron silver ,journalist  with award from the society of professional journalist,who did a complete inquiry on the fraudulous acts of ATI inTunisia)



Fatma jelassi  (Assabah journal)

(False informations,defamation and devilling ,complicity in child emotional abuse )

I ask to face them all , in an urgent inquiry!





janvier 9, 2012

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الامتناع المحضور من طرف لجنة تقصى الحقائق لعبد الفتاح عمر الذين قالوا لى أن الجريمة المنظمة التى طالتنى أنا و ابنتى ليست من اختصاص لجنتهم و أكثر و قاحة  قدموا لى المرسوم الذى يحدد صلوحياتهم…فرب عذر

أقبح من ذنب …..سنلتقى بين يدى الرحمان  لما توضع الكراسى و يعلم الله ما كان بيتى و بيتكم ….جازاك الله بما ستحق و ان سامحك الله فانى لن  أسامحك خذل الله أهلك و ذويك كما خذلتنى و خذلت ابنتى و أهلى و ذوى



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